Alcohol and Eating Healthy

I think this is a very popular subject people are worried about if you are trying to stay on track with your fitness goals and still have some social fun times.

One think for sure is that drinking can lead to lowered inhibitions and mindless eating.

Haven’t you found yourself wanting to eat everything in the kitchen after having “a few drinks” ? ?Alcohol consumption leads to overeating and consuming too many calories. When under the influence we are unable to put much thought into healthy eating. ??????
Alcohol and eating go hand in hand and the outcome is typically an expanded waistline. It is proved that individuals who drank alcohol at lunch consumed an additional 200 calories daily. The extra calories over time caused significant weight gain.

Be aware of how many calories you’re drinking:

  • Beer (12oz) – 150 calories
  • Wine (6oz) – 125 calories
  • Distilled spirits (1.5oz) – 100 calories

Alcohol and Nutrition

Alcohol contains empty calories lacking nutritional value for the body. There are seven calories per gram compared to four calories per gram found in healthy carbohydrates. Many adult beverages are blended with sugary mixers adding more unhealthy calories to the body.
Alcohol consumption is shown to impair nutrient absorption by decreasing digestive enzymes. It can also damage cells located in the digestive tract affecting nutrient absorption. Without normal digestive function, even healthy food is potentially unable to be used to benefit the body.

Also, excessive drinking can prevent the body from absorbing the protein you consume as well as other nutrients. We require sufficient nutrients to function at optimal fitness levels and to build and maintain muscle mass. ??in other words all the gains at the gym you have been focused on will get wasted while your body is trying to detox all the alcohol away. ???….but if you are aware of the quantity, you will still be ok??… but, will you?

Just remember, getting fit and gaining muscle doesn’t mean eliminating alcohol completely. It simply means making healthier choices. Building lean mass and burning fat is hard work and excellent nutrient intake is essential. Since alcohol lacks nutrient value, consuming occasionally and in moderation appears to be an acceptable option. Applying the USDA recommended guidelines of no more than one alcoholic drink for women and two for men is shown not to adversely affect muscle growth and fitness levels. But as my advice, what I personally do, if you know you are having a get together with friend ????, make sure play around your macronutrients intake during that day. Be smart, it’s all about having balance and enjoying life!!!!

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So, my recommendation when it comes to drinking, I think the best and healthiest drink for me personally is RED WINE ?next to the others boozy beverages and when it comes to heart-healthy antioxidants…. (Resveratrol) that helps prevent damage to blood vessels, reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) and prevents blood clots. !!!! ( also, because I drink it a lot slower ?) And also some dark beers, like Guinness, are often lower in calories. Your best bet though? Drink what you want, whether it’s a crisp glass of rosé or a whiskey neat, but watch serving size and added sugars in your drink. And remember that moderation really is key when it comes to alcohol being part of a healthy diet.