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Nutrition by
Vicky Garcia

Congrats on your interest in my Flexible Nutrition Guide & taking the first step towards a healthier & happier you! I’m SUPER excited to help you achieve your dream body and make some lifestyle changes to improve your overall health. Think of my Nutrition Guide as as your main tool for you to build GOOD HABITS and set yourself up for success getting in the habit of eating consistently healthy, well-balanced meals, learning to live with BALANCE and meshing your new healthy lifestyle!!

In my Flexible Nutrition Guide you will find:

✔️Introduction to my Flexible Eating Style!
✔️Essentials Nutrition Guidelines!
✔️Grocery List! (Vegetarian options)
✔️Macronutrients Guide!
✔️Supplement Recommendations!
✔️Supplement Discounts!
✔️Healthy Snacks!
✔️Healthy & Yummy Meals Recipes
✔️Meal Plan Samples
✔️My Tricks for a Healthy/Balanced Lifestyle!
✔️How to stay on track even on vacation!

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