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Personal Training in Smyrna

Vicky Garcia is a professional personal trainer based in Smyrna, Atlanta.

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Pre & Post-Natal Training in Smyrna

Keep fit during and after pregnancy.

Competition Training in Smyrna

Do you have a competition coming up? Vicky will coach you to success!

NEW! Booty Booster Camp

By Appointment Only! Space is Limited So Save Your Spot Today!

Every Saturday at 10!!!! SAVE YOUR SPOT TODAY 678-328-7662!!! AS LOW AS $25

Join my 45 mins workshop to get your booty/ legs on 🔥 with me!!! Learning fun techniques and get hooked on my healthy eating habits lifestyle!!! Men are welcome too!


By Appointment Only! Space is Limited So Save Your Spot Today!

Every Saturday!!!! SAVE YOUR SPOT TODAY 678-328-7662!!! AS LOW AS $20

Get fit and Strong with 30 mins intense workout… not wasting time, when I say intense, intense training with results.. I promise you will get a quick intense sweat 💦  your muscles will burn and feel so strong  that your  endorphins will take control of your whole body.
I’ll give you the right nutrition tips to finally see your body change…… You will love the burn… You will get hook with this crazy feeling of muscles engagement. ITS AMAZING  @tftfit is the newest Fitness Solution. I’m the only Instructor in the Atlanta Area nominated Ambassador by Dr TrÉ , creator of this amazing Tension Training System.
Come a prove it yourself…. @tftfit & I Will give you the best after workout feeling that you will get hooked and you will be looking forward to experience it again 👍🏼

No Time to Work Out?

TFT and Tension Fitness are solving the “no time” factor associated with achieving optimum health and fitness.  In less than 20 minutes, it offers the user a total body training including cardio that can be done virtually anywhere. The fundamental purpose of TFT is body transformation. TFT aligns with each individual’s desired goals. Our motto: #Resultsdontlie


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