Burn calories and get fit!

Holiday Calorie Burn!

6 Week Holiday Calorie Burn Challenge

At Vicky Garcia Fitness, we understand that when it comes to our health and fitness, one size definitely does not fit all. That’s why we offer a range of programs and services that are tailored specifically for women over 40. Whether you’re looking to defy time, hormones, or gravity, we can help you get the body you’ve always wanted. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, our team of experts will work with you to develop a program that is tailored just for you.

Enjoy the holidays while you work toward your goals, give yourself the gift of health!

Why start now:

  • Look and feel your very best!
  • Love yourself in every photo!
  • Enjoy your favorite holiday treats without feeling guilty!
  • Feel confident and sexy at all your holiday gatherings!
  • Get a head start on bikini season!
  • Beat holiday stress with intense workouts.

What you get:

  • Both GYM & HOME programs – you decide what works for you!
  • 40 – 50 minute sessions, with video demonstrations for every single exercise.
  • NEW workout routines every two weeks to keep things fun and avoid plateau.
  • 3 – 5 training days, and can fit in YOUR schedule.
  • Follow along *optional* HIIT workouts + warm up/cool down videos.

Included in the challenge…


  • Available for ALL dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, keto, and more)
  • You choose between FAT LOSS or LEAN GAINS, and receive a detailed Meal Plan with macros and video recipes!!!
  • Sweet tooth? All plans include treat meals, too!
  • Food swap table helps you learn flexibility with your meals
  • Budget friendly + easy to make meals (Psst! Meal Prep to save time!)


  • Over 200 pages of educational content in eBooks on Nutrition & Holidays Recipes guide
  • Mindset Guide + Daily Tracker to help you stay accountable
  • Daily support, weekly check-in, and MORE!

All this for less than $15 per day!

I’ll Show You How It’s Done!

Are you ready to actually ENJOY your Holidays during your fitness journey and connect with women all around the world on the same journey as yourself?

Are you ready to commit yourself to 6 weeks of healthy, flexible nutrition, workouts tailored to your specific needs and emotional support throughout the process?

Are you ready for lots of compliments on your progress? Your family and friends will be so proud of you and your new, healthy mindset and leaner figure!

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