Anti-Aging Fitness Program For 40+, Intensive Transformational Program Announced

Vicky Garcia’s new Anti-Aging Fitness Program is designed to help women over 40 combat the effects of aging and live longer, healthier lives. The 12-week program includes both fitness and nutrition components and can be accessed entirely from home.

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The program focuses on two essential components in slowing down the aging process: exercises and nutrition. Vicky Garcia helps individuals improve both aspects through a comprehensive program that only costs less than $30 a day when implemented.

In terms of exercise, the Anti-Aging Fitness Program includes a custom online fitness plan. The plan is tailored to the client’s ability levels and goals and is home gym-designed, meaning it can be done anywhere at any time. Generally speaking, the plan is broken down into a training frequency of weight training for a maximum of four days per week, with two to four cardio sessions in between.

For the nutrition component of the program, clients get a custom nutrition plan based on the Flexible Eating approach, which addresses hormonal imbalances by correcting nutrition deficiencies. Included with the plan are meal planning guides, shopping lists, recipes, flexibility demos, and information on supplements.

As part of the Anti-Aging Fitness Program, clients also get access to biweekly live Zoom sessions, weekly check-ins, progress tracking tools, Q & As, and seminars. Clients also get to be part of a unique community of women over 40 who not only support and encourage each other but also hold each other accountable.

“When you invest in yourself, you can transform your body and your life,” stated Vicky Garcia on her website. “You just need the right program, a supportive and accountable environment, and the desire to make the changes you want to see.”
The Anti-Aging Fitness Program has received positive reviews from early participants, with many remarking on its intensity and the result it produces within a short period.

About Vicky Garcia Fitness

Originally from Venezuela, Vicky Garcia has been providing fitness and nutrition coaching for over 20 years. She holds multiple fitness and nutrition certifications and specializes in helping women over 40 lead healthy, active, and energetic lifestyles.

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