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Testimonials for Vicky Garcia

Personal Training

I have always been interested in staying in shape, but my experience with Vicky Garcia has taken this to a new level. Let’s say, I am old enough to be eligible for AARP material and my goal has been to develop greater strength and enhance my energy level. While I only have the opportunity to work out with Vicky once a week, the results have been excellent. April 28, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert — Patti Ross, hired Vicky as a Personal Trainer in 2011.

Patti Ross

Personal Trainer

I have been training with Vicki for 2 years and she keeps it challenging and fresh every session. I love that the workouts are always different and get great results. — Cindy


A fantastic motivator

Vicky is a fantastic motivator. She’s very mindful of each individuals needs and tailors workouts to achieve personal fitness goals.  She is a positive trainer and extremely patient.  I highly recommend her.

Leslie Hanson

The best decision I have made in my life!

Having Vicky as a Trainer has been the best dicision I have made in my life. She is very knowledgeable, professional and listens to her clients needs and goals. In 4 short months my life has changed. I now have more stamina, energy, online pokies and better definition. I”m amazed at what she has helped me accomplish. I look and feel better and get compliments all the time. Not to mention she has helped me improve my golf game by increasing my strength, now I”m hit the ball further than ever before!!! Thanks Vicky!!!!! — Shanicka


I feel more confident

I haven’t been working with Vicky long, but it is clear she knows what she is doing.  I’m already feeling better and more confident after one month!

Brigid Sykes

Thank you Vicky!

Thanks to Vicky – “Strong like a bull” and fast too!

Herb Singleton

Motivational Personal Trainer

Vicky, you are so amazing! I am so thankful that you are in my life! You motivate me every time I speak with you! Not just in fitness, but in la vida tambien! Thank you for being a wonderful amiga hermosa

Amanda Walha

Routines that fit a busy lifestyle

Regardless if you’re just starting to work out or if you’ve been into fitness for quite some time, Vicky Garcia will help you reach your fitness goals!  Vicky works with your schedule by offering different routines that you can fit into a busy lifestyle.  I love working with Vicky!



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