The main factors by which cellulite usually appears is the accumulation of toxins — the fastest way to fix it is to start avoiding accumulation of toxins.

Other factors that can cause the appearance of cellulite:

  • Hormonal changes, natural or hormonal medication, such as contraceptives or corticosteroids.
  • Lack of exercise, which will also cause the decrease in the movement of body fluids.
  • Unhealthy diet and life habits, especially a high content of simple sugars and high caffeine content.
  • Obesity. Cellulitis is not exclusive to obese people, but it is more frequent.
  • Genetic factors.


Healthy diet. Eat naturally and fresh, preferably follow an alkaline diet. Include fresh products, fruits and vegetables helps eliminate acid toxins from the body and alkalizes the diet. These fresh foods will contain a large number of antioxidants that will help protect the cells from free radicals and eliminate toxins from the body. Among these foods we can include the so-called Super-food.??

Hydrate and drain. ?Water helps drain and eliminate toxins. We can drink water, infusions or water with fresh fruit. With this we manage to filter the harmful toxins from cellulite. It is preferable to avoid drinks with caffeine, one of the most negative products in cellulite, ?although there are some that indicate that caffeine at low doses stimulates diuresis. However, how to control these amounts that are the minimum? Green tea in addition to being a powerful antioxidant also helps lower blood sugar and improves weight loss.

Say NO to saturated fats! They are the most negative. They are, for example, in high quantity in fast food meals. It is preferable that these fats are Omega3, fish oil, flax seeds … It prevents the stagnation of the bad in the circulatory transit, and thus is achieved that stimulates circulation and thus avoid the appearance of cellulite

Eat with little salt. Sea salt best .. always in moderation to avoid water retention.

Detox plan. Eliminating toxins will help our body to drain more easily and, thus, the lymphatic channels “are not so full of toxins.” By adding alkaline (fresh) foods such as water with lemon in our body we are eliminating acid toxins, and that is just what our body needs. The toxins cause the formation of cellulite.

Exfoliation and massages. A very  beneficial are the lymphatic drainage massages. Stimulating the lymphatic system helps eliminate toxins and stimulate circulation.

Move and exercise ??‍♂️. Above all, sweating. Exercising helps eliminate toxins from the body and the skin, and improves the tone of the skin and the appearance of cellulite. Regular exercise helps increase skin tone, burn fat and improve circulation, in addition to increasing muscle tone as well.??