To ensure good dental health, proper nutrition is of utmost importance. The type of food you ingest will either keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy or weak and fragile.

A balanced diet with proper levels of calcium, fluoride, and phosphorus can definitely result in decay-resistant teeth and healthy gums. But if your diet is low in these essential nutrients, your mouth can easily become infected. And this can result in periodontal disease, which then leads to tooth loss.

But aside from nutrition, sports, and exercise also play a crucial role in ensuring good dental health.

Get moving for good health

Exercise is vital to keeping your body performing optimally. It offers great benefits like muscle building and stress relief.

Playing sports also provides plenty of health benefits, like efficient functioning of the heart, improved blood circulation, proper weight management, and lowered stress levels. It promotes discipline and brings positive energy as well. Without proper caution, though, you could end up getting injured.

Here, a cosmetic dentist in Brisbane shares things you must know in terms of how sports and exercise can affect your dental health in addition to overall bodily health.

A positive correlation

According to a study published in the Journal of Dentistry in 2005, regular exercise helps lower your risk of contracting gum disease or periodontitis. The study concluded that regular exercise can prevent gum disease.

Maintaining a healthy body mass index or BMI is crucial for oral health. There are different health issues associated with obesity, which include diabetes and hypertension. By playing sports and having a regular exercise routine, you can properly manage your weight.

In fact, a study published in The Journal of Periodontology revealed that people who maintained a healthy weight and engaged in regular exercise were 40% less likely to develop periodontitis.

4 Ways to Protect Your Teeth During a Workout

Be sure that staying healthy does not take a toll on your dental health. There are different ways to protect your teeth each time you engage in a physical activity.

1. Nose Breathing: Nasal breathing will protect your teeth and offers more benefits. For instance, your sinus membranes will produce nitric oxide every time you breathe, which can significantly increase the oxygen absorption capacity of your lungs. Also, this helps lower blood pressure.

2. Alternative HydrationWhenever you sweat, electrolyte replacement is important. But there are alternatives to sports drinks. These include:

  • Water with a pinch of unprocessed salt or a splash of lemon
  • Coconut water

3. Mouth Guards: While playing sports, you must always wear a mouthguard. From sports with balls and sticks to impact sports, custom-fit mouthguards will protect your teeth against chipping, cracking or breaking when your mouth or head is impacted.

4. Healthy Dental RoutineFollowing a healthy dental routine is crucial in keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy at all times. Some of the things that must be included in your dental regimen include proper brushing, daily flossing and keeping up with regular dental exams and cleanings.

You can even ask a dentist online about other things you can do to maintain good oral health.

Aside from knowing the right foods and beverages to ensure good dental health, be aware also of how exercise and sports can affect your dental health. This is the only way you can keep your whole body (teeth included) healthy and happy.


Dr. Yvette Porter is the founding dentist at Apple Dental in Newstead, Brisbane, which she started over 11 years ago, and continues to own and practice there today. She works with a team of female dentists who aim to provide gentle, and affordable dental care to patients in Brisbane. Dr. Porter is a member of the Australian Dental Association and is passionate about family, and children’s dentistry, hoping to make their dental experience truly pleasant.