Women are constantly juggling multiple roles, and in most cases, their own health and wellbeing take the backseat. While putting others ahead of yourself may seem like the right thing to do, it is not wise to ignore your health, particularly when it seems like you have no time in the day to fit in any physical activity. But being a woman, you know it is not difficult to achieve something when you have set your mind on it, so if you find yourself giving up your fitness resolutions every year, resolve to avoid that this year. Here are some tips and tricks to get fit despite your busy schedule:

Treat your exercise regimen as an important work event

Being a working woman, you know you prioritize your job. So why not make it work to your advantage? When planning your schedule for the week, take time to fit in your workout session or activities so that you do not miss them simply because you had no time. If you know you are going to be working late, you can plan a run, a swim, or yoga session in the morning. Moreover, setting definitive dates to achieve your fitness goals reduces the chance of procrastination.

Pay attention to your diet

What you eat forms a major part of a healthy lifestyle and gets the best results out of your physical activities. Busy women tend to ignore healthy meals just because they are too tired by the end of the day. Start with organizing your kitchen so that there is no junk food within reach. Next, cook more often at home—if doing this every day is not possible, cook in bulk and freeze the meals. Stock healthy ingredients for your between-meal snacking like lots of greens, lean meats, fruit, nuts, and organic produce. You will soon get into the habit of completely avoiding unhealthy foods, which will only take you closer to successfully keeping your resolutions.

Use pen and paper to track your goals

This old trick can be quite effective when you are struggling to stick to your fitness goals amid a hectic schedule. Write your goals (both short-term and long-term) on paper and put it up in a place where you will notice it daily. Jotting down resolutions like “I will eat greasy food only once this month” or “I will walk for 30 minutes at least five days this week” can motivate you to actually keep them. Do not forget to give yourself a pat on the back every time you complete one of these goals and strike it out from the list.

Do not be shy when enlisting help

As much as you hate to admit it, you are not superwoman—so there is nothing wrong with asking your husband/friend to look after the kids for half an hour while you go to the gym. With so much to do, it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you feel that way, you can even seek professional help from mental health counselors for your overall wellbeing. Also, taking time off to unplug from technology and de-stress doing what you love can help you be a happier person, which will work towards making you fitter.

Find a trainer you connect with

Finding the right personal trainer can make all the difference. You should look for someone that is positive, motivational, and will inspire you while making your workouts enjoyable. If you make your fitness regimen and diet something that you look forward to, it is half the battle won on the track to sticking to your goals. Start with baby steps, and know that it is okay to fail at times. However, giving up is not okay — your health is vital to effectively handling every challenge thrown at you regularly.

About the author

Paige Johnson is a self-described fitness “nerd.” She possesses a love for strength training and loves to shares her insights on LearnFit.

In addition to weight-lifting, she is a yoga enthusiast and avid cyclist.