Protein Muffins for Kids and adults

The role of breakfast in your child’s physical and mental performance
Breakfast plays a vital role in enhancing your child’s physical and mental performance, as well as his ability to learn. The reason for this is that breakfast provides a major source of energy for the brain, after a 10 or 12-hour gap since the last meal. Complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, cereals and breads, are absorbed by the body slowly, so they give your child energy all day long.
Many studies have shown that children who regularly eat healthy breakfast have better mental performance than children who don’t.
Children who eat breakfast will have more…
      o   Attention, concentration and class participation
      o   Memory retention and speech fluency
      o   Good social behaviour
      o   Love for school and interest in studying
A good breakfast also makes it more likely that your child will…
     o   Meet his daily nutritional requirements
     o   Maintain a healthy weight
     o   Enjoy better health and fewer sick days from school

Encourage your child to eat healthy by having them

participating in healthy meals cooking!!

For this delicious Protein Muffins Victoria used: ( This Muffins are a very good option for Adults  too!!)

1 Cup of Dry Oats.

1 Cup of Water.

4 Egg Whites.

2 Tbs all natural Peanut Butter or Almond Butter..

2 Scoops of VISALUS Protein Powder.

-Add cinnamon (optional) and  Stevia to taste.

Add Hershey’s: Sugar Free Chocolate Chips or almonds!!!


Mix Oats, Water and PB in a bowl and Microwave for 2 mins. Add in eggs whites, Visalus Protein Powder, cinnamon, chocolate chips or almonds. Put into a Muffin pan and bring to oven (350 degrees) for 15 to 20 minutes and ENJOY IT!!!! 


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