Follow this Exercises to Get your BUTTY ready for the Summer:


Glutes Exercises

By training your glutes, you raise your metabolism by adding more muscle mass to your frame. This is important because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. In other words, by adding mass to the largest muscles in your body, you effectively become a fat burning machine.

Along with the aesthetic based reasons for training your glutes, structurally and athletically it’s important too. Your glutes stabilize your pelvis in a neutral position, which is critical for creating a safe and effective spinal position.

Try this Workout!!

 3 Sets of 20 Lunges Steps 

 3 Sets of Abductors (50 Reps) or (30 Reps)

 3 Sets of Legs Curls (20-20-20 Reps) or (15-12-10 Reps)

 3 Sets of Kickbacks (50 Reps) or (30 Reps)

Note: Use the Weight is best for your goals (heavy if you want to add size or medium if you are looking to tone)