Sweating and Burning calories

A lot of my Clients had asked me about the connection between sweating and calorie burn.

Your body creates sweat to cool you off when your body temperature gets too high. How much you sweat has nothing to do with how many calories you burn. What matters is how long and how intensely you’re working out. Any weight loss that you experience “immediately” after a workout is only water weight, and you’ll gain it right back as soon as you re-hydrate yourself. 

Sweating more does NOT Burn more calories. However, in my personal experience, I know that when my workout is more intense, my Heart Rate is much higher and I sweat more, it means that I am burning more calories. But, if you walk at the same speed when it’s hot or cold, sweating when it’s hot doesn’t mean that you’re burning more…. The more oxygen consumed by your body, the more calories burned. Hope this helps.

Does a Hot Room make burn more calories?

The answer is “Not so much”. Your heart does need to work a little harder to keep your muscles oxygenated in a hot room and to pump extra blood to your skin’s surface, so you do breathe a little harder, but the amount of extra calories burned is relatively modest compared to other types of exercise. 

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